What is Miracle of Love?

Miracle of Love, AKA Center of the Golden One, Freedom Walk, Miracle of Love Center, Miracle of Love Church, Church of Exodus, 21st Century Transformation Center, Path to Ultimate Freedom, etc. has historically been a destructive cult and was originally formed in San Diego, CA.  Miracle of Love is now primarily based in Denver, CO, but counts members in San Diego, San Francisco, Arizona, Los Angeles, Asheville, Munich, Amsterdam, Australia (Perth), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Costa Rica, Colombia, Iceland, and Switzerland. The self-proclaimed Voice of God and spiritual master at the center of this cult was born Carol Seidman, but named herself Kalindi La Gourasana (pictured right).

Kalindi died recently on April 18, 2010. Kalindi's "first disciple," The Lady, has assumed leadership of Kalindi's following.

The purpose of this site is not to give a history of Miracle of Love or outline its teachings.  Wikipedia has some basic information about that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_of_Love.  You can also see what Miracle of Love says about itself on its various websites*:


*For a more complete list of sites, including front groups, please refer to the links page.

The original purpose of this site was offer a critical response to Kalindi and the organization that built up around her and now around The Lady. 

We have recently heard from some who have reached out to contact us that, following Kalindi's death, The Lady has taken steps to reform The Center of the Golden One and make it less cult-like and destructive. 

We cannot personally verify these reports, having ended our participation with Miracle of Love years ago for all of the reasons outlined on this website. To be clear, we unreservedly applaud any efforts to make this organization less harmful. We hope the Center of the Golden One takes issues like group think and thought reform seriously and has given them careful consideration. That would be good news for everyone.

This website will remain active, but with the caveat that we don't know how accurately it represents the culture or community at The Center of the Golden One as it exists today. The site remains, however, a very accurate representation of what happened in the past. If you or your loved ones are considering participation with this group, we encourage you to ask very direct questions about the group's history and what specific steps have been taken to make it less cult-like, manipulative and damaging to both participants and families.

For those may be reading this site who are still involved with the Center, we encourage you to continue any reform process already started by reaching out to past participants who feel harmed by their participation and pursuing a restorative justice process. Making amends does make a difference.  You can actively facilitate the healing of those who were hurt. Please consider it.

To everyone who has worked from inside or out to improve the culture in The Center of the Golden One and make it a safer place for spiritual practice, thank you.

Kalindi La Gourasana