About Us

This site was created and is maintained anonymously by former members of Miracle of Love and disciples of Kalindi.  We have chosen to remain anonymous to prevent retribution by those still involved in the group.  Also, we are all actively working to move on with our lives, and past cult participation is not always so easy to explain to new friends or co-workers.  It doesn't take much to find out someone's person history these days, and as a result, discretion about our past is something we all value greatly.

We do NOT maintain however that Miracle of Love was simply "not a good fit" for us, in the same way that we might not like going to church or decide not to renew our gym membership. Based on our own experiences, we feel that what is happening within Miracle of Love is dishonest and harmful.  Furthermore, we feel that it is important to share the information we have and what we observed within Miracle of Love so that others might avoid the abuse we experienced and that more family members might take to risk to their loved ones seriously.

If you do wish to contact the creators of this site, you can email us: breakoutbreakfree@gmail.com