False Promises, Real Abuse

One common characteristic of cults is that they all make big promises.  No one who becomes a cult member signs up to join a cult - they sign up to find God, to become saved, to meet aliens, to bring on the start of a revolution, etc.  The true nature of life within the group is never revealed at the outset.  People join cults because they are lied to about what type of group they are joining.

Miracle of Love makes three "big promises" in this genre:
  1. Miracle of Love, and specifically Kalindi, will help thousands of people to break free from the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime
  2. Several Miracle of Love leaders are already free, or have reached very high levels of freedom
  3. If you become a disciple of Kalindi, you can break free in this lifetime

Despite constant claims by Miracle of Love leadership that great success has been achieved in these areas, even the most mildly objective review of the facts reveals that not to be the case.

"Thousands will break free"

Miracle of Love has been actively recruiting members since the late 1980s, but has never been able to hold onto more than approximately 300 members at any one time.  Of those 300, only about 100 are fully committed - ready to do whatever Kalindi asks of them.  Even compared to other "new religions" such as Scientology, these are really weak numbers.

This failure to recruit thousands of people in turn sets up a classic cultic case of "blaming the followers": Kalindi says that she will have thousands of followers and gives specific orders on how to bring them-> Kalindi's disciples work desperately hard to bring thousands of new people-> Cult life fails to attract thousands-> Exhausted and confused disciples only succeed in producing a few new people-> Kalindi blames the disciples for the failure, insisting that thousands are not coming because her disciples are not giving enough, not serious enough, and not letting go.  Only by giving more with the thousands ever come.

This is kind of blaming the followers is an important difference between cults and other types of small religious groups.  When the leader fails to achieve some measure of success, the followers are admonished for not doing enough or giving enough and leader is never held accountable for her own actions.  The fact that thousands of people have never "come to Kalindi" would normally make people question the supposed divine authority of her information, or at least her ability to attract a following. But Kalindi's disciples are instead made to see this failure as evidence of their own shortcomings and that the only way to rectify this is to give more.

"People have broken free and are breaking free"
It is certainly true that many leaders in Miracle of Love have charismatic qualities, which, by definition, attracts people to them.  The more time one spends near these leaders however, the more their very real human limitations and failings become obvious.  Contributors to this site could not help but notice, at the time of their participation, that after 10 - 20+ years of supposed "constant letting go" Kalindi and her top leaders:
  • Engaged in free and extensive use of alcohol and drugs, including marijuana and prescription sedatives and anti-seizure medication
  • Pressured and manipulated followers into sexual relationships with leadership
  • Spent donated money on expensive homes and home improvements, cars, travel, jewelry, clothing, etc.
  • Enjoyed extensive leisure time, while followers worked 18 hour+ days as volunteers
  • Basked in a substantial amount of "spiritual glamour" - constantly speaking about how incredible they were and how much more incredible they were becoming
This list may seem chock full of obvious and even common red flags - who falls for this stuff, right? But it is critical to remember that cultic groups ALWAYS have very elaborate justifications for these types of behaviors by their leaders.  There are always reasons why it's "different this time," so critical thinking doesn't apply.  Within the context of thought reform, people ignore their own internal alarm systems again and again and continue to give over their time, money and self-determination to leaders who abuse that trust.  Indeed, the above information is essentially common knowledge within the 100 or so very devoted followers of Kalindi, but is never spoken about it a critical way when it is spoken about at all.  And while one can make a reasonable argument that it is possible to be a spiritual teacher and still have many human weaknesses, that is not what the leaders in Miracle of Love are arguing.  Rather, they are holding themselves above completely above reproach while engaging in dishonest, disingenuous and abusive behavior.

If you become a disciple of Kalindi, you can break free in this lifetime"
The writers of this site cannot speak to the individual spiritual development or potential of any other person.  We can tell you however, that as an active participant in Miracle of Love or disciple of Kalindi, spiritual development will not be the main focus of your time or energy.  You WILL:
  • spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to accomplish an inhuman amount of volunteer work everyday
  • find that your to-do list and schedule and how possibly to accomplish it all have become all-consuming problems in your daily life
  • be asked to do things that violate healthy personal boundaries
  • be asked to do things that violate your sense of morality or right and wrong
  • put the health, longevity and security of the mission above your own or that of your family
  • put the quality of your relationship to Kalindi above the quality of all other relationships
  • find that what Miracle of Love says sounds a lot different that how daily life in Miracle of Love feels
  • notice that the vast majority of those who have been Kalindi's disciples for 10+ years all have significant health problems
  • notice that the vast majority of long-term members are no more caring, loving, articulate, sensitive, or easy to get along with than your average adult
  • be asked by leaders to become both active and complicit in the similar abuse of other followers