Examples of Kalindi's Guidance

Below are examples of "guidance" that Kalindi has given to her disciples.  Sometimes guidance is given to all disciples at once, sometimes to individuals. The stated purpose of guidance is to give disciples "personal help" to break the cycle of birth and death.  While disciples are always told they can choose whether or not to follow Kalindi's guidance, the direct implication of saying "no" is that the disciple is choosing "separate will" and illusion over God and truth.  The result is that Kalindi's guidance becomes an extremely effective means of control and coercive persuasion.

Examples of guidance Kalindi has given disciples
  • Set your alarm for the middle of the night, wake up and take a cold shower, then pace the floor praying for an hour before returning to bed
  • Where a cross around your neck to pass yourself off as a Christian so that people don't question you further about your spiritual practice
  • Buy these household products and don't buy any others
  • Buy this exercise equipment
  • Attend this retreat
  • Buy this set of tapes
  • Hang up this picture
  • Where only these colors of clothing
  • Eat this food everyday for a month
  • Sleep on the floor
  • Cancel this vacation
  • Move out of that house and into this one
  • Give all of your retirement money to Miracle of Love
  • Find a way to make more money so you can fully support your spouse financially so they can give to Kalindi full time
  • Change your clothes
  • Change your hair
  • Change your name
  • Move to Germany
  • Move to Denver
  • Move to Australia
  • Go to this doctor
  • Ask your doctor about this medication
  • Get married to your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Get a divorce from your husband or wife
  • Give up spending holidays with your family
  • Give up speaking with your family
  • Give up sex
  • Have this kind of sex
  • Have sex every week
  • Have sex with this person
  • Have a baby
  • Have a baby with this person
  • Have a baby with this person (with whom you are not in a relationship)
  • Give your baby to this person to raise