Examples of Kalindi's Teachings

Following are examples of Kalindi's "spiritual teachings" from her various lecture series.  Through repeatedly listening to Kalindi's lectures, followers learn to "internalize the cult" - they begin to essentially practice thought reform on themselves.

All quotes below are directly from Kalindi, speaking lectures that are available for sale to anyone.

From "Very Serious, Listen," Golden Information series:
  • Let me repeat you do not have a clue, not even a clue, of the power of the illusion. To break free from it, to break free from this material world, is practically impossible. That is why there is a special power from God coming in, now and along with the power, guidance. Specific guidance to help you break free from the illusion.
  • If you want to break free, you have to listen, say yes and act. If Kalindi gives you guidance, which is complete special mercy, especially if ever she is right in front of you...Every single word that is spoken through this Voice is to break you free.
  • That means follow what she (Kalindi) has told you to do exactly.
  • You must listen precisely because the illusion is neck and neck with Kalindi and you are choking from it. Kalindi is pushing it back and giving you her hand and saying do this, just like this and do not stop.
  • So, this is it. If you do not understand what is being said in this talk, you will understand it when you are on your death bed.

From "Break Out, Break Free" Understanding the Simple Path to God tape series:
  • The reality is, to be caught in the material world is to be in prison, and anything that appears to be happiness—though there are some pleasures within the illusion while you're bound by the illusion—those pleasures are nothing more than a decoration in your prison cell.
  • Every single person in this prison called the material world of illusion is sentenced to death.
  • God's power is great, God is great, and God is more powerful than the illusion, but you have to get on God's side totally.

From "Doubt and Fear"
Understanding the Simple Path to God tape series:
  • …look at the potency of the illusion and understand that doubt is illusion.
  • And doubts will come; they will. The biggest way that the illusion bothers you is through doubts.
  • Perhaps you don’t have to do anything; you’re just facing fear. It’s just a feeling of fear, and you just need to be with it in meditation and release it and open again. You can always scream.

From "Sacrifice"
Understanding the Simple Path to God tape series:
  • You're all looking for God to give you some kind of pleasure. You're not looking to completely surrender your life to God for God's pleasure, for whatever God wants.
  • Your woman and your man has to surrender every single shred of your entire existence to God and it is not going to feel good. So get that through your head. You need to embrace the word sacrifice. “I will do anything to break free in this lifetime.” And you better come to understand what that means. Whatever God asks of you. Whatever. Whenever. And immediately.
  • Ask Him to take you and when He comes to take you go. Don’t say no. In that critical moment don’t say no. Scream and say yes. "Oh my God I can hardly stand it," but say yes anyway.

From "World of False Hopes and Dreams"
The Bottom Line tape series:
  • This material existence, at best, is always, in every single way, a world of false hopes and dreams. It always will be.
  • I bring to you the following quote at this point from The Lord Gourasana when He was in physical form. That quote is very simple: "If you want God, you will find God. As long as you search for things of this world to fulfill your longing, you will not have God."
  • Your transformation will change once you snap and wake up to the fact that this material existence is nothing but a world of false hopes and dreams in every way, on every level. It isn’t it. It is not your Home. It is not where your true existence of ecstasy is happening.
  • You keep trying to figure it out, all based upon the fantasy of your world of false hopes and dreams. You keep trying to figure it out so it fits into that fantasy. You keep trying to fix it all. It is unfixable.

From "I am God's Hammer" The Bottom Line tape series:
  • You can think of Kalindi as a hammer. One side of the hammer is to smash the illusion, as God uses this body, this Being, this mouth, this Voice to speak it. A hammer: Smash! Smash! What chance does anyone have with a hammer? The other side of the hammer is to pry you out.
  • But will you take my words seriously? Will you listen? Will you act upon them? Who of you is serious? Who of you wants that hammer to smash your illusion, to annihilate that ego, and then to help you to be pried free?
  • The love that you feel towards Kalindi is the love in your heart for God. The fear that you feel being around Kalindi is your fear of the illusion being exposed in you.